My name is Saskia

Women's Massage   

Holistic Healer

Professional Life Coach

Psychic Reader

Workshop Facilitator

Soap Maker and all round kind, caring and friendly person.


About Me

I live a quiet life in a peaceful location which is a pleasant 40 minute drive out of Christchurch, New Zealand.                     


From my beautiful studio I offer women’s only massage mixed with a vast range of healing modalities. This can include hot stones, facials and ambient music.  All from a room that smells divine.  

For the past 11 years I've owned and operated my Professional Life Coaching business, working with hundreds of individuals and couples, supporting them towards their more desired lifestyle.  Allowing such things as wellness, weight loss, financial abundance, healthy relationships and success become a natural part of their lives.  This is where the magic truly happens! 


I’m continually running workshops. For information on these please follow my social media for up and coming events.


I've been an intuitive psychic reader for over 20 years, working both online and in person.  Every person's reading is different, personal and very unpredictable.  My background as an intuitive psychic reader allows me to offer those I work with clearly focused and highly perceptive sessions, whether it be regarding relationships, health, finding direction, career or working with addictive behaviours.


I have a unique gift of being aware of any pain you may be holding in your body, we are then able to work together finding the reason for its presence and what it's needing to be able to move on.


I have a vast toolbox that I work with including my much-loved cards, my guides, my inner guidance system and a very reliable inner movie screen and even a vast array of colourful hula hoops :)


I take pride and feel incredibly privileged in being able to guide and offer support along journeys of growth and personal breakthroughs as they unfold. I bring personal warmth, empathy and ease of communication and rapport, in connecting with those who are drawn to working with me.

I look forward to meeting you, and I'm excited to embark on this stage of your journey.