Sunshine Treatments

Women's Massage

Full Body Massage $95 NZD

I begin the session by getting to know you, while your feet soak in a nice hot foot spa.

I will ask you questions to establish where you are at and what's needing attention. Once we feel comfortable and I've answered any questions we will continue with the  treatment. Please allow 1.5 hours


Hot Stone Massage $145 NZD

This includes the same prep as above with the added luxury of my hot stones. If you have never experienced

a hot stone massage before, you should definitely give this a go. Please allow 1.5 hours


Hot Stone Massage & Full Facial $165 NZD

For that extra bit of pampering & self care. Leave feeling like you are on cloud 9 with your skin feeling

clean and cared for. Please allow 2 hours.

Note A life coach session, followed by a hot stone massage or healing, works wonders with magical results for physical alignment, wellness and direction. I highly recommend this if you are experiencing any pain or illness in your body.


I'm now offering a full body sugar scrub as an add on to any of the three massages available:

  • Full body massage & scrub $140 NZD

  • Hot stone massage & scrub $190 NZD

  • Hot stone massage, scrub & facial $210 NZD


A perfect gift idea, just in case you are one of those really "on to it" people as far as Christmas goes and remember you can purchase the vouchers here on my website.


Feel Good Feedback:

"The treatment you never knew you needed! Another level of care you deserve. My skin feels so well cared for and I didn’t have to lift a finger"

Life Coaching

  • $165 NZD per session allow 1.5hr

      (Online sessions available via messenger)

Psychic Readings

  • Online reading                                           $85 NZD

  • Full in person reading                                $95 NZD

  • Full in person reading

     and healing session.                                 $155 NZD

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Gift Vouchers

Gift cards are available to purchase - they are a great idea to treat your loved ones.