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  • When I compare time spent with Saskia with all the spas and resorts I have been to across the globe I would say her offering is "the most beautiful experience". I put this down to her heartfelt care for you as an individual, her attention to detail and holistic healing expertise. Saskia provides a unique gift for your body, mind and soul. Go on, treat yourself to a truely memorable experience!! 💚 Sharron
  • Saskia is one of the most inspiring and grounding people I have ever met. Her words encourage me to become more present and focus on the important things in life. She has helped me realise some things I've been struggling with when I wasn't conscious of them; this has led to a change in my thinking and given me some practical ways of releasing some inner tension. I highly encourage anyone who can, to meet with her and experience her healing words of wisdom. Aleishia
  • Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality. Had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Saskia while traveling this month. I had booked a massage/facial and a reading with her. Both were outstanding, the massage setting me up for the long drives ahead of me. And of course I couldn't leave with buying some of her most excellent soaps. Thank you Saskia, my favourite soap maker. Lois
  • Yesterday I had the privilege of getting the most wonderful massage and facial from Saskia. I honestly cannot recommend her enough! It was exactly what I needed! So welcoming and relaxing (and not to mention the stunning views there and on the way out!) I cant wait to come back and try out the hot stones!! Jess

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So I met Saskia a few years ago when I was feeling particularly dark time and she offered practical, soothing, easy guidance to create my own way out of the darkness. Her new phase of healing is through touch.

I was blessed on Saturday to experience this, as I am going through some different challenges at the moment. She was again the right person at the right time to help with my healing. I knew it would help, there was no resistance or struggle as she offered my body the right amount of push and comfort.

At the end I felt refreshed and energized the heat from the reiki she incorporated into the massage reverberating around my body, the pulsing left me feeling put back together and more connected to my body than before. I recommend Saskia whole heartedly she will awaken the sunshine inside your body.

Tracey - Christchurch, NZ