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Saskia Teding van Berkhout

Hello and welcome!

My name is Saskia, my passion and purpose is supporting women on their journey into physical wellness.   

Working intuitively supporting women with discovering and reconstructing old and outdated limiting beliefs that have formed over a lifetime, results in clearing pain and dis-ease.


Supporting and guiding you on your path to connecting with "self" realigns the Mind and Body so that you can live a life of feeling healthy, balanced and present.

After working with Doctors regarding my own health and having been told I would be on medication for the rest of my life, I proceeded to clear blockages and self imposed limitations, resulting in completely eliminating the problem and never needing medication since.


Walking the path back to your authentic healthy self allows you to reconnect to your own personal foundation, allowing internal connection to your own truth, intuition and personal guidance system.


Even the small act of slightly adjusting inner dialogues allows for a more balanced physical alignment resulting in your body feeling healthy and free from pain.

Using my 30 years of various training modalities, as well as my unique gift of being able to read bodies, I am then able to provide a massage aiding with release, relief and relaxation. 


I provide a very beautiful and private space for you to feel empowered to reconnect with your own inner and outer wellness, resulting in a complete holistic experience.

So if you are a women looking for healing, motivated by personal growth, or are intrigued by alternate holistic healing modalities to help in everyday life, I would be honoured to support and guide you on your journey.

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